Outsource Your Administrative Responsibilities With Confidence

Bartholomew & Company is a leading investment management team for Massachusetts municipalities—pairing broad fixed income expertise with a team of advisors who have deep and personal understanding of the investment needs of municipal investors.

Having served as town officials ourselves, we bring firsthand knowledge to deliver a full range of services that include:

  • Investment Policy Solutions
    • Investment Policy Questionnaire that educates you to ask the right questions when creating an investment policy statement.  
    • Sample Investment Policies that you can use to create your own OPEB Trust Investment Policy Statement and a Comprehensive Model Investment Policy.
  • Accurate Reports that are sophisticated yet easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and provide breakdowns on the suitability of investments so that the treasurer's risk vs. reward position is transparently clear. Treasurers can easily adapt the report to serve as their cash sheet for trust fund income. Use them to help you balance your books, satisfy auditors, fulfill your duties to your affiliated committees and taxpayers, and provide clear transparency of investments and their performance.
  • All of our reports are:
    • Timely, with monthly and quarterly reports e-mailed and mailed to each client by the fifth business day following the close of each period. We provide investment details required to satisfy fiscal year-end GASB 40 statutes. Compare this to municipal services provided by a bank, which may require you to wait several weeks or longer to receive this crucial information.
    • Annual Reports and Trust Fund Reports can be customized for you, and are e-mailed and mailed by July 20 following the close of each fiscal year. This report summarizes your municipality's fiscal year's activity in a single, consolidated document. Our aim is to help relieve some of burden of fiscal year-end reporting requirements placed upon each municipal office.
    • Sophisticated and customizable, yet easy-to-read and easy-to-understand to fit your individual specifications.