Our Municipalities Process

We Get It Right — Right From the Start

We believe our relationship begins from the moment you consider us to become your partner in municipal investing. To get the relationship off to a positive start, we offer a time-tested process to simplify your due diligence and build trust between us:

  • At our initial meeting, we discuss your municipality's current portfolio strategy and future liquidity needs.
  • In a more formal proposal, we summarize your current holdings and detail our recommendations regarding these positions.
  • We then provide an analysis of our opinion and open discussion with all needed and interested parties in your community that you may wish to include. During this discussion, we review our findings and recommendations and answer questions.
  • As your partner, we provide an ongoing and regular review of your account to ensure that your goals are being pursued.

Your Trust Begins with Our Attention to Detail

While we are an investment firm in structure and nature, our greatest strength lies in building trustworthy, mutually beneficial, long-standing relationships with the clients we serve. We enhance these relationships by providing every client with municipality-specific account reconciliation and professional portfolio management. We also strive to lessen the day-to-day burdens required of every community within the commonwealth by employing a team approach to managing your account. We feel it's our duty to:

  • Manage the day-to-day and long-term service and investment advisory functions required on your account
  • Answer any questions that you may have—when you have them
  • Provide a presence at nearly all local, regional, and state-wide association meetings and conferences in order for our team to know all the issues that you face on a daily basis
  • Help you resolve any issue with a single phone call
  • Provide sales staff to meet formally with you at least quarterly and informally every four to six weeks
  • Provide investment advisory staff to formally meet with you at least annually
  • Meet at your request—and to be available for ANY service, sales, or portfolio reviews
  • Answer only to you, not to sales quotas, product pushes, or commission lures of a larger corporate parent