Your Life, Your Plan

    A trip down the aisle or around the globe. A first home or a first grandchild. A college savings plan or a comfortable retirement. Wherever life takes you, Bartholomew & Company can help you plan for each milestone and enjoy the journey.



    An Approach Tailored to You

    Who you are, where you are in your life, and what your vision is for the future are all unique to you. So we start by listening, with the aim of getting to know as much about your goals, interests, and values as we can.

    Only then can we begin recommending strategies for managing the wealth you have or planning for what you hope to have in the future. We augment our own expertise and research with interactive capabilities available through RightCapital, a next-generation planning tool. Together, we can view a variety of actionable plans for consideration and see how future changes might affect outcomes.

    Whether your current focus is on budgeting, cash flow, and debt management, or on social security and retirement distribution strategies, we’ll explore all the options available to you and decide together what makes sense for your current and future situation. 




    Investment Management

    Our mission: to protect what you have and follow a prudent, disciplined approach to maximize returns and minimize risk. Count on us to provide you with the full range of investment opportunities typically available only to institutional investors.



    Retirement Planning

    Saving for retirement is essential for everyone—whether you’re close to exiting the workforce or have only recently joined it. We’re specialists in building customized strategies to help you accumulate assets now and ensure that you can live on them later.



    Tax Planning

    Let us collaborate with your tax professional to help minimize the liability for all your personal, investment, and business decisions. As your income and circumstances change, we’ll review and alter the plan, as necessary.



    Education Planning

    With higher education costs expected to continue to rise, how much can you realistically save on your children’s behalf, and on what timetable? If you’re a grandparent looking to contribute, how can you maximize the available tax benefits? We can help.



    Estate Planning

    A sound estate plan provides you greater control over your assets during your lifetime. Our planning strategies can help protect your legacy and ensure that your wealth transfers to heirs in keeping with your wishes, with maximum benefit and minimal tax liability.



    Insurance Planning

    How can you expect the unexpected but still live your life to the fullest? Count on us for recommendations on insurance and other strategies so you can remain confident that your health, your assets, your business, and your family’s plans for the future are protected.