Grateful and Proud

January 07, 2022

Looking forward into 2022 (albeit with some sense of pandemic-related trepidation), we wanted to share our thoughts, reflections, and well wishes to you as the new year begins.

Working in the finance world, we take unique pleasure in learning and talking about global markets and economies, corporate earnings, new product innovations and technologies, and various other interesting investment opportunities each day. Our goal is to translate these insights into how we can best serve our clients. For us, this is usually an indulgent and positively exciting task; however, these past two years have often challenged some of our daily satisfactions.

Prior to the pandemic, we all may have been unknowingly spoiled by straightforward, successful, and productive routines in our individual lives. More recently, we’ve had to learn how to reevaluate our priorities and navigate our daily responsibilities, jobs, and happiness in numerous ways to thrive in these “unprecedented” times. We have accomplished much, both personally and professionally, and have overcome obstacles to our success and happiness.

Now, as we investigate what this new year will bring, we may have a more “hesitantly hopeful” undertone than in recent years. Some of us may have a mood of heightened fear, frustration, and exhaustion because of various unsettling events in our lives.

It seems to us that today, more than ever, we must remember this: we have all shared in this unified experience, and while it has not been the most cheerful time, we have remained resilient and have successfully adapted as a society, a community, and individually. We must congratulate ourselves and those around us for our collective achievements. We all deserve to feel quite proud!

Every year presents us with opportunities and obstacles -- that’s part of life. We can choose to take advantage of the opportunities and work to overcome the obstacles. At Bartholomew & Company, we are challenging ourselves to be even more grateful than we’ve ever been ΜΆ for small pleasures and wonderful people we have in our lives.

Our team is grateful for every one of our clients. We have always taken immense pride and joy in helping each of you achieve your goals through the best and the worst of times. Thank you for trusting us and for allowing us to adapt right alongside each of you. We appreciate your confidence and continued trust, now and always.

Please never hesitate to reach out to anyone here at Bartholomew & Company. We pledge to be with you every step of the way, helping you navigate these trying times to successfully reach your financial goals.

We wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year.


Authored by: Thomas Bartholomew & Kathleen Glowacki on behalf of Bartholomew & Company, Inc.