Create a Comfortable Future & Retire With Confidence

    Saving for retirement is essential for everyone—whether you’re close to exiting the workforce or have only recently joined it. We’re specialists in building customized strategies to generate income for retirement.

    • We’ll help you determine your long-term goals for transitioning into retirement and create a plan to achieve them with the proper lifestyle and wealth choices.
    • You'll get an integrated plan with custom solutions to help you maximize Social Security benefits, tax breaks, and more.
    • At any stage of life, you'll get guidance on enhancing wealth opportunities and assets to plan for all of your retirement expenses.
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    Integrated Retirement Planning That Accounts For Your Needs

    From paying down debt to funding retirement, we help guide you through a vast maze of financial choices that can affect your retirement. You’ll get an integrated and customized plan that accounts for everything to help protect your wealth and make sure you feel comfortable when you finally do decide to retire.

    Income Planning Icon

    Income Planning

    We’ll look at your spending and help guide you toward proper wealth management to maximize funds.

    Estate Planning Icon

    Estate Planning

    Make sure every part of your estate is in order so you can pass on your legacy and enjoy it too.

    Tax Planning Icon

    Tax Planning

    Let’s look at any benefits, Social Security, or tax breaks that could benefit your retirement.

    Long Term Costs Icon

    Long-Term Costs

    Getting older means more long-term care costs that increase. We’ll help you plan for these.

    Envision & Achieve Your Optimal Retirement

    No matter who you are or where you are in life, Bartholomew & Company will help you plan for your retirement because it’s never a bad time to start thinking about your financial future.

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    Individuals & Families

    No matter what your age, it’s never too early or too late to start planning ahead.

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    Owners & Retirees

    Whether you own a business or are already reaching retirement, we can help.

    We’re ready to look at your financial circumstances, discuss your future goals and create a plan to help maximize your wealth so that you can enjoy retirement with financial confidence at any age.