Proactive Planning for Help With All Tax Situations

    Effective tax planning can help to reduce income taxes, improve your financial plan and free up cash flow. With our comprehensive tax analysis and planning services, we can help to create a plan for your taxes to help optimize wealth today and in the future.

    • We’ll work with your tax professional to provide insight into how your taxes and income can affect your overall financial plan and wealth management.
    • You'll receive comprehensive reviews and plans for your taxes to highlight opportunities for savings and reduction strategies.
    • We'll offer professional knowledge of new tax laws that can affect your situation and guidance on how to help protect your money from estate taxes, business taxes, and more.
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    Tax Guidance Through Every Stage of Life

    Taxes inevitably come in all forms at every stage of life. Whether you’re planning to buy a business or are about to enter retirement, we can help create a tax strategy that allows reduction where necessary and plans to balance your finances.

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    Business Taxes

    Whether you just bought a business or are planning to, we can help you understand the tax impact.

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    Social Security

    We’ll help you plan for Social Security taxes to integrate that into your retirement planning.

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    Tax Amendments

    If you’re worried about how your taxes or incorrect taxes could affect your finances, we can help!

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    Estate Taxes

    Minimizing estate taxes can help improve your legacy and the assets you leave behind.

    Tax Planning Education & Collaboration

    No matter what experience you have with tax planning or what type of tax professional you’ve worked with, we will help you create a cohesive financial plan that helps maximize returns.

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    We’ll guide you and offer reviews of your taxes for proper recommendations.

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    Understand & Educate

    We’ll help you understand your path forward and educate you on future choices.

    If you’re ready to make the most of your tax situation at any stage in life, contact Bartholomew & Company today to get started with integrated tax planning solutions.