“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people”

    - Steve Jobs

    Guidance That Goes Beyond The Bottom Line

    More than 250 government and institutional entities across New England choose Bartholomew & Company as their investment partner. Our investment expertise and collaborative team approach is rooted in an understanding of the distinctive responsibilities and challenges you face as a community official, and this insight into the inner workings of entities like yours enables us to achieve your goals creatively.

    Investment Management

    We help you meet investment goals through an active management strategy with institutional pricing.

    Timely Reporting

    Rely on our timely, accurate reporting to help you balance books, provide transparency of investments, and more.

    Experience and Service

    Firsthand experience in various treasury roles enables our team to provide tailored support for your needs.

    Due Diligence

    We attend local, regional, and statewide association meetings and conferences to deepen our understanding of the issues you face daily.

    Long Term Trust Funds Icon

    Long-Term Trust Funds

    Encompass trust, scholarship, library, and other long-term miscellaneous funds.

    Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds Icon

    Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds

    Aimed at creating a steady income stream, and adding growth with fewer associated risks.

    Stabilization Deprivation Cumulative Funds Icon

    Stabilization, Depreciation, & Cumulative Funds

    Designed to preserve capital, provide liquidity, maximize yield, and assist with cash flow needs.

    Community Preservations Fund Icon

    Community Preservation Act Funds

    Focused on preserving capital, providing liquidity, and maximizing yield.

    Municipal Light Enterprise Funds Icon

    Municipal Light and Enterprise Funds

    Include depreciation, rate stabilization, retirement reserve accounts, and OPEB funds.

    OPEB Funds Icon

    Other Post-Employment Benefit (OPEB) Funds

    Target rates of return in line with actuarial discount rates, and incorporate capital appreciation and growth.

    Bond Proceeds Icon

    Bond Proceeds

    Customized to match construction cash flow, preserve capital, and maximize liquidity and yield.

    Beach Preservation Funds Icon

    Beach Preservation Funds

    Structured to preserve capital, provide liquidity, and maximize yield, as well as assist with cash flow needs.