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    Support Your Child's Future With a Plan

    With higher education costs expected to continue to rise, how much can you realistically save on your children’s behalf, and on what timetable? If you’re a grandparent looking to contribute, how can you maximize the available tax benefits? We can help you explore the necessary strategies.

    • You’ll get professional guidance to help you understand the various investment strategies and tax-efficient options available to help you afford the cost of higher education.
    • You’ll understand all the risks, tax benefits, ownership structures, and contribution limits involved with your education funding as well as how to use academic scholarships.
    • As your trusted financial partner, we’ll help you discover the best timeline and funding solution to pay for tuition, whether through savings, investments, or aid.
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    Build a Family Legacy With Education Savings Strategies

    Paying for a child’s tuition can be a rewarding experience emotionally as well as fiscally. Funding someone’s dream for education allows you to invest not only in their future but in the legacy of higher learning for your entire family and generations to come - plus, we can help you identify tax benefits that make it more affordable.

    Savings Plans Icon

    Savings Plans

    Savings plans enable students and parents to make contributions that can grow and fund college tuition.

    Tax Advantages Icon

    Tax Advantages

    You’ll learn how to contribute funds that grow and can eventually be withdrawn tax and penalty-free.

    529 Tuition Plans Icon

    529 Tuition Plans

    Tax benefits make 529 plans appealing for families, but there are risks we can help you understand.

    Financial Aid Icon

    Financial Aid

    Let’s discuss your student’s eligibility and financial aid needs and the programs available to you.

    Find The Best Way to Finance College Tuition

    There are many factors involved when it comes to funding education, such as preferred risk level, timelines, and investment preferences. You'll discover the most suitable savings plan for your child’s college funds with help from our trusted advisors by your side.

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    Investment Options

    You’ll get a financial partner to guide you in education savings investments that work for your needs and risk tolerance.

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    Education Expenses

    You'll learn the ins and outs of your college savings plans and all the costs involved as well as the tax benefits available to you.

    Saving for higher education is a process that involves experienced planning and guidance. Rely on the advisors at Bartholomew & Company to help you find the right college financing strategy to continue your family legacy and support your child’s dream to learn.