Government & Institutions

    A Collaborative Style. A Comprehensive Perspective

    Whether you’re seeking near-term investment advice or a strategic long-term plan for your community or institution, gain the assurance that comes with a team that brings more than 100 collective years of investment experience and more than 30 years of municipal experience to our partnership with you. 



    Guidance that Goes Beyond the Bottom Line

    There’s a reason more than 250 government and institutional entities across New England, representing over $1.6 billion in assets, choose Bartholomew & Company as their investment partner. We believe it comes down to this: trust. Trust that’s rooted in our investment expertise and collaborative team approach—and in our personal knowledge of the cities, towns, and institutions we serve.

    We understand the distinctive responsibilities and challenges you face as a community official because members of our team have direct experience in some of the very same municipal roles. This insight into the inner workings of entities like yours enables us to deliver creative strategies and solutions to help you achieve your goals. As one of the few firms in the region that specializes in the purchase and sale of fixed-income securities, we’re uniquely positioned to provide the best investment options for your community or institution. And we’re well-versed in and adhere to states’ municipal investment guidelines—including the Massachusetts Legal List of Investments—so you can rely on us to make smart, sound investment decisions on your behalf.

    Our full suite of services includes:

    Investment Management


    We focus on meeting your investment goals through an active management strategy aimed at maximizing yield, minimizing risk exposure, preserving principal, and maintaining liquidity—and with the benefit of institutional pricing.



    Rely on our timely, accurate reporting to help you balance books, provide transparency of investments—including costs and performance—and fulfill duties to your entity’s committees, auditors, and actuaries. 

    Expertise & Service


    Firsthand experience in various treasury roles enables our team members to provide support tailored to your distinct needs. You can expect everything from regular meetings to review your portfolio and objectives to help with creating an investment policy statement. 

    Due Diligence


    Adherence to state and local laws is just the start when it comes to honoring the trust you place in us. Count on us to attend local, regional, and statewide association meetings and conferences to both deepen our understanding of the issues you face daily and help keep you abreast of any issues that impact you.


    Solutions that Align with Your Goals

    Our specialized knowledge means you can feel confident knowing that your objectives, spending needs, and specific investment policy statement are at the heart of every recommendation we make for your community or institution—and in compliance with all state and local regulations.